About Us

About Us

Vertical Market Intelligence Group’s purpose is to provide institutional investors with timely, proprietary, and differentiated information to assist them in their investment decision-making process.

Vertical Market Intelligence Group leverages cutting-edge methodologies, applying those methodologies to timely information from industry participants to provide on-the-ground intelligence to institutional investors. We go beyond the limits of conventional channel checks and, instead, strive to identify the most predictively relevant information within complex and ever-evolving industry ecosystems and uncover critical changes in the marketplace.

With our network of researchers around the world, we take a deep dive into how international markets are evolving and changing to provide institutional investors with impartial and actionable intelligence. With a presence in Hong Kong and New York, we work on the ground to predict how global consumers and marketers are leveraging ecosystems to interact with one another.

Vertical Market Intelligence Group is a New York domiciled limited liability company and an affiliate of the registered broker-dealer The Vertical Trading Group, LLC, dba The Vertical Group.

Vertical Market Intelligence Group HK Limited is a Hong Kong  limited company and wholly owned subsidiary of Vertical Market Intelligence Group.