Privacy Policy

Private Statement

It is the policy of the Vertical Market Intelligence Group to reasonably safeguard its clients’ confidential information so that (a) confidential information is only available to those employees of the Company that have a need to access such information; (b) confidential information is only disclosed to third-parties in accordance with the Company’s policies, and (c) confidential information is not used for the benefit any person other than the client, regardless of whether such use would be detrimental to the client.

Further, it is the Company’s policy that its clients’ confidential information may not be disclosed to third-parties without the client’s authorization except:

As necessary to provide services that the client requested or authorized, or to maintain and service the client's account. Here, the Company will require that any intermediary, agent, or other service provider utilized by the Company to comply with substantially similar standards for non-disclosure and protection of the client’s confidential information and to use the information provided only for the performance of the specific service requested;

As required by regulatory authorities or law enforcement officials who have jurisdiction over the Company or as otherwise required by any applicable law. Here, if the Company is compelled to disclose the client’s confidential information, the Company shall, unless otherwise prohibited by law, provide prompt notice to the client affected, so that the client may seek a protective order or another appropriate remedy. If no protective order or other appropriate remedy is obtained, the Company shall disclose only such information, and only in such detail, as is legally required; and

To the extent reasonably necessary to prevent fraud, unauthorized transactions or liability.

Notwithstanding the above, the Company may use it’s clients’ non-confidential information to market products to those clients that the Company reasonably believes may be of interest to those clients. Clients may opt-out of these marketing efforts by contacting the Company by e-mail message at