Events for 2020

Festival of Marketing
London, England (virtual event)

October 3-5, 2020

Phil Leggiere, Director of Research at Vertical Market Intelligence, will be participating in the annual Festival of Marketing, a London event being held virtually this year, in which Chief Marketing Officers from hundreds of global brands, as well as founders of boutique Direct to Consumer brands, discuss branding strategies, their changing approaches to media, the impact of Covid-19 and controversies over hate speech and privacy regulation, as well as thoughts on outlook and key trends for 2021.

Participants will include Chief Marketing Officers of such iconic brands as McDonald’s, Patagonia, Unilever and General Mills, as well founders of such important emerging brands as Nubian Skin and Deliveroo.

Phil will be providing coverage of the event and be available for phone debriefs.

The Web Summit
Lisbon, Portugal (virtual event)

December 2-4, 2020

Normally held in Lisbon, Portugal the Web Summit is one of the world’s premier technology conferences, bringing together established and emerging software, data, internet and other media, e-commerce and cloud companies. Phil Leggiere has found this conference to be one of the best places to learn about technology road maps and strategies of major media companies.

Speakers at this year’s conference will include Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mark Schroepfer, as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Vimeo, the co-founder of Pelonton, and the Chief Executive Officer of Zoom, as well as as senior engineers from Google and Amazon and many other large media platforms.

In addition to regular summaries of the event Phil Leggiere be available for calls.

Events from 2019

Collision Conference
Toronto, Canada

May 20-23, 2019

Phil Leggiere, Director of Research at Vertical Market Intelligence, will be in Toronto attending the Collision Conference. The Collision Conference is North America's fastest growing technology conference, covering next-generation consumer Internet, mobile platforms, and mobile applications.

Attendees and speakers will include

  • C-level executives (Amazon, Shopify, Google’s Waymo, Hulu, Box, Sprinkler and others);
  • Global ad agencies (Ogilvy, Media Nine, and others);
  • Principals at major venture capital firms (Union Square Ventures, Draper Associates, Hummer Winblad, and others)
  • Publishers (The New York Times, Electronic Arts, Wired and Axios, and others); and
  • Chief Marketing Officers (Harry', Hilton, and Houzz, and others).

Phil Leggiere is available for in-person meetings and post-conference follow-ups.

Rise Conference
Hong Kong

July 8-11, 2019

Michael Foster, Associate Director at Vertical Market Intelligence, will be in Hong Kong attending the Rise Conference, where speakers from Airbnb, YouTube, Spotify, Stripe, Cisco, Line, Tencent, Uber, Tinder, InMobi, and others will meet to discuss the future of technology, online marketing, and media in Asia.

The conference’s focus is on digital marketing, SaaS and enterprise solutions, the growth of Adtech, and emerging trends in B2B and B2C marketing throughout Asia. The conference will likely provide useful insights into how disruptive new marketing pathways and enterprise solutions are in fast-growing Asian markets. Vertical Market Intelligence will write an in-depth report following the conference which will outline its major themes and perspectives from interviews with attendees.

Vertical Market Intelligence intends to expand its online media and consumer internet coverage to Asia later in 2019.

Michael Foster is available for in-person meetings and post-conference follow-ups.

Money Conference
Lisbon, Portugal

November 4-7, 2019

Phil Leggiere, Director of Research at Vertical Market Intelligence, will be in Lisbon attending the Money Conference, a global conference exploring all facets of FinTech, including mobile payments, digital wallet and the impact of digital technology on banking, credit, lending, and insurance. The conference brings together a unique intersection of traditional financial institutions (Visa, Mastercard, Bank of America) and e-commerce companies (Amazon, Google, Stripe, Shopify, PayPal, Square) as well as emerging startups in the space (Brex, Coinbase, Kabbage, Rapyd, Thunderbridge, Zelle).

Vertical Market Intelligence will be launching regular coverage on mobile payments and merchant services in the second half of 2019.

Phil Leggiere is available for in-person meetings and post-conference follow-ups.